Handpan Wandering: A mix of 3/4, 6/8, 4/4, 2/4, including maqsum and malfuf.

30 minutes of unedited Handpan playing I recorded last night as I was working with and through post-concussion symptoms of nausea, tinnitus, disorientation, and migraine. 

I began the session feeling the weight of the symptoms, and ended the session with a sense of lightness, hope, healing, and a different relationship to the pain. 

I continue to be in awe of the healing power of sound. 

Peace ✌️☺️
Audio Only (scrubbable)

Handpan Finger Rolls

Finger rolls have been extremely challenging for me to learn. My brain injury affected the left side of my body (vision, balance, coordination) and I have spent months of intense practice to get to this step on my journey to getting more and more proficient. 

In this video, I share examples as well as tips that I have learned to help me learn finger rolls and begin to incorporate them in compositions. 

Enjoy. Share your thoughts. And let’s continue to learn together. ✌️☺️

Handpan Intro Session

(Demos at 8:51, 18:07, 33:15, and 33:43) Headphones Encouraged


(Demos at 8:51, 18:07, 33:15, and 33:43) Headphones Encouraged

Content includes demonstrations, history of how and why I started playing the handpan, explanation of audio setup, examples of how to build on basic rhythms, and info on how the handpan is helping heal my brain injury.

Headphones or a good stereo system encouraged for best audio experience.

Morning Migraine Medicine Meditation

Music has been one of the most helpful and effective “medicines” for my PCS symptoms.

Recently, I’ve been learning to play and leaning on the didgeridoo to help heal my brain and to effectively deal with symptoms, including migraines.

This morning, my migraine was deep enough and painful enough to bring unsolicited “pain tears” to my eyes. The type of pain that can feel all-encompassing.

So, I picked up the didge and my singing bowl and breathed and noticed and wondered and watched and listened. Through this meditation of the senses, my migraine has largely dissipated and my mood is noticeably brighter. My body and mind are more balanced and the pain is localized and not all-encompassing.

I’m grateful today for the wisdom that arises out of our wholeness and the healing power of music and the breath that dwell within us.

I left the recording in its raw form. I would recommend a good set of headphones if you choose to listen.

Come be with me and enjoy the healing tones of the singing bowl and didgeridoo, as well as the common sounds of the breath, a creaking chair, and the swallowing of life-giving water.


A Gift of Peace

I want to give you a gift.


Everywhere we look, it seems our world is fraught with tragedy, violence, and division.

A neighbor walked by the other night after watching the news and was visibly distraught. I could see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

This morning, after reading the news, I came away with myriad feelings and the following questions:

What is happening to our world? Is it  hopelessly caught in a downward spiral? How can we respond? Where is peace? Where is unity? Where is wholeness? Where is all the good?

To answer these questions and meet the impeti behind them, I turn to a wonderful yoga nidra practice called iRest.

iRest saved my life in the early days of my traumatic brain injury and has been a mainstay of my healing journey that is much deeper than just a brain injury.

More than a passing fad, I have found that iRest is just a practice that helps us live from a place of wholeness and joy and love…and peace. In response, I have dedicated to knowing this form of yoga nidra as well as I can and I am currently a Level 2 Teacher in the Certification program.

I hope you find this short practice to be helpful and that you reconnect with your birthright of peace. Regardless of what is happening around us, we can live on a solid foundation that is unchanging, predicatable, whole, unified, and full of peace.

Awaken. Engage. Enjoy. ✌️✌️