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Sitting with My Teacher (25)

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One night, one of my teachers and I sat on a bridge above a river. We watched thoughts coming and going. 

All through the night. 

As the thoughts came and drifted closer and became clearer, my teacher would  say, 

"Well, are you going to go for a ride on this one? Or let it pass you by?”

Once in awhile I would jump off the bridge and go for a ride on a thought. 

He would come with me and laugh, and say things like,

"Well, this is quite the little ride we're on, isn't it?! I wonder how long we'll hold on?"

He would laugh and I would laugh and we were lighthearted and curious.

As soon as I would notice I was going for a ride, we'd be sitting on the bridge again, watching and laughing and simply being together. 

He also invited me to call into mind those who might be suffering and we visited them, interacted with them, and interceded for them as we were with them. As unchanging loving awareness, we held out hope and light for them that they might know peace and wholeness even in the midst of their struggles. That they might join us.

Perhaps this speaks to you. If not, watch it pass along on the waters beneath your feet as you sit on the bridge of awareness. 


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