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Mountain Weather

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Mountain weather. Few things have helped me more than mountain weather to find my way through the myriad seasons of life. Why? Mountain weather viscerally reminds me of who and what I truly am: unchanging awareness in which the ever-changing flow of life arises…and falls away…and arises…and falls away. Dark clouds. Sunlight. Fog. Mist. Rain. Wind. Calm. All in a 5-minute span. Thoughts. Emotions. Beliefs. Physical sensations. All come. And all pass through us and away. What is it that they pass through? How do we connect to what is unchanging and enduring and whole and full of hope, peace, joy, and love? These are critical questions and ones we ask more often when we are in pain and going through hard and/or chronic circumstances that we can’t get out of or “escape”. __ Is there really something that is unchanging? Is there something immovable? Am I in the clouds, in distress, in pain…or are these transient elements in me, passing through what is unchanging? Nurturing awareness (or whatever name/symbol/metaphor your belief system or faith tradition may use) allows us to grow muscles of resiliency. Muscles that are waiting to be stretched and exercised and used. Own your recovery. Life wants to live you. There is much about my life that fell out of my control 3 years ago, but I’m learning to nurture who I am. I am growing. I am healing. Perhaps not in ways that are easily quantifiable, but my muscles are growing stronger as I daily engage with the ever-changing flow of life and meet it from a place of wholeness, peace, hope, joy, love, and fullness. May Life live you today. May you fall into grace. May the “bottom” you feared be the very foundation from which you grow.

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