So Good: When the Universe Tickles You

As a few of you may know,  I’m waiting for an MRI to rule out a brain tumor. I’ve been nervous about it, more than I’ve let on.  My left eye continues to worsen after my last traumatic brain injury and I have a lot of pressure on that side of my head which leads to migraines whenever my heart rate increases. Not awesome.  If you’ve ever been on the waiting end to see if you have a tumor or any other disease, you know the general sense of unease.

However, on my hike today in the forest above St. Gertrude’s something absolutely marvelous and wonderful happened. I had been reveling in the beauty of the landscape and the flowers and the birds and decided to sit down in the shade of  a big Ponderosa Pine.

As I did, it was as if all concern fell away and the Universe or the divine or God or whatever you want to name it gave me the gift of letting it all go, knowing that all is well.

No, I wasn’t smoking anything 😂.  But it was as if I were a child again, with the simple faith of a child and the sense of mystery and wonder and freedom returned.





It was just so good.

These past two years have been so hard. And this was so good. I laughed and laughed and laughed. And then I decided to record some of it so I would never forget this moment.

And I’m living open-hearted among you, friends, so here I am in the delicious space of delighting as a child and putting aside any pretenses or fear of being a fool.

I’m a fool for life. It’s just so good.

Laugh much 😂

And enjoy  ✌️