Morning Migraine Medicine Meditation

Music has been one of the most helpful and effective “medicines” for my PCS symptoms.

Recently, I’ve been learning to play and leaning on the didgeridoo to help heal my brain and to effectively deal with symptoms, including migraines.

This morning, my migraine was deep enough and painful enough to bring unsolicited “pain tears” to my eyes. The type of pain that can feel all-encompassing.

So, I picked up the didge and my singing bowl and breathed and noticed and wondered and watched and listened. Through this meditation of the senses, my migraine has largely dissipated and my mood is noticeably brighter. My body and mind are more balanced and the pain is localized and not all-encompassing.

I’m grateful today for the wisdom that arises out of our wholeness and the healing power of music and the breath that dwell within us.

I left the recording in its raw form. I would recommend a good set of headphones if you choose to listen.

Come be with me and enjoy the healing tones of the singing bowl and didgeridoo, as well as the common sounds of the breath, a creaking chair, and the swallowing of life-giving water.


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