Gene’s Song: A Farewell

Gene’s Song

While playing at the assisted living center this morning, one of our friends was passing away in his room. It is hard to describe the emotions from that scene. As we sat together, watching the flow of friends and family coming to pay their respects, a song emerged for the moment. This is our song, Gene’s Song.

So often, in our culture, death is hidden away from public view and we have few experiential “muscles” to help us through these times until we are faced with losing someone close enough to us that we can’t “get away” from this very natural stage of life. 

Gene was only at the center for three weeks and he was often asleep during our time together or talking in ways that made it difficult for us to understand.  But once, while the handpan was comforting us with its healing frequencies, he lifted his head and looked up at us, suddenly alert, and said, “Ahhhh…So peaceful.” 

I feel a great sense of gratitude for this group of people who have allowed me to be a small part of their lives. And I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the handpan and how it has brought healing and peace not only to me but now through me. 

I learn much from them. We laugh together, we play music together, and sometimes we cry together. 

May we all be peace, joy, wholeness, and love in this ever-changing world. 

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