Boxless Being

What if there’s no in or out? What if we did not allow our desire to separate, categorize, and control others to reign supreme?

What if the universal account and condition of every man, woman, and child was already settled and secure, no matter their skin color, background, religion, or belief system?

What if these Sawtooth mountains (pictured) really exist even if you’ve never spent a night beneath them or a day upon their ridges? What if the same gravity that moves this river downstream were a reality and condition of your life – even if you don’t much think about it or understand it?

What if it wasn’t your job to play other human beings as though they were puppets on a set of strings dangling from your hands?

What if you were free to love from an abundance and wholeness that is the birthright of all beings, no matter their race, creed, sexual orientation, or anything else for that matter?

What if there are no boxes – outside of your imagination? What if you lived and loved out of that “boxless” freedom? What if life isn’t about assenting to some cognitive “to-believe-list” to earn your peace? And trying to get others to agree to that same list?

What if peace, wholeness, joy, and love just are?

Like this river. Like these mountains.

What if you’re not the center of the universe but an irreplaceable part of the whole?

What if it is all that simple?

What if you just need to wake up to and engage in what already is?

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