Be Real

Be real.

Lots of temptation for us all to pose. Social media ups the stakes even more. We can create an image that has little to do with reality. We become posers.

Nobody sets out to be a poser, but it’s easy to lose ourselves. To cease “being” and to find ourselves “acting”.

The Be Real Series is my attempt to counter this impulse in my own life and to encourage you to do the same.

So here I am. My daughter Sophia took this pic after turning on the lights during one of my Dark Room days. They’re not pretty. I told you. And, yes, those are children’s toys against the wall. And that is an unfinished ceiling. And I look like a hot mess. And that is my left eye all squirreled up because it doesn’t want to work part of the time.

And it is all real.

When we live in the here and now, we always have what it takes. We always know what to do. Fulness, wholeness, joy, peace, and love – they are always present. But when we’re posing, we miss them.

Take this invitation to be real and enjoy the feast of the moment.


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