A Gift of Peace

I want to give you a gift.


Everywhere we look, it seems our world is fraught with tragedy, violence, and division.

A neighbor walked by the other night after watching the news and was visibly distraught. I could see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

This morning, after reading the news, I came away with myriad feelings and the following questions:

What is happening to our world? Is it  hopelessly caught in a downward spiral? How can we respond? Where is peace? Where is unity? Where is wholeness? Where is all the good?

To answer these questions and meet the impeti behind them, I turn to a wonderful yoga nidra practice called iRest.

iRest saved my life in the early days of my traumatic brain injury and has been a mainstay of my healing journey that is much deeper than just a brain injury.

More than a passing fad, I have found that iRest is just a practice that helps us live from a place of wholeness and joy and love…and peace. In response, I have dedicated to knowing this form of yoga nidra as well as I can and I am currently a Level 2 Teacher in the Certification program.

I hope you find this short practice to be helpful and that you reconnect with your birthright of peace. Regardless of what is happening around us, we can live on a solid foundation that is unchanging, predicatable, whole, unified, and full of peace.

Awaken. Engage. Enjoy. ✌️✌️

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